Baby Merino wool

A selection of pure Merino new wool products designed for the babies well-being

Merino wool benefits for newborns

Merino wool is the perfect fabric for your baby to sleep in a soft and cozy environment. Thanks to its thermoregolator and higroscopic features, Merino wool absorbs the humidity that the body emanates during the rest and it keeps the baby temperature stable, avoiding night awakings because of warm or cold. Furthermore, Merinos wool is naturally hypoallergenic and prevents bacterias and molds among the fibers, keeping you baby crib healthy

Made in Italy products for the safety of the baby

Our Merino wool products are made in our factories in Italy. That garantee safe and certain solutions, because of the very strict quality standards and of the exclusive use of selected new Merino wool, from museling free breeding farms in full respect of the animals.

A line that fully respect the needs of the baby

The Merinos wool baby line is a work and a careful serch for the needs of newborns, as the need of protection, of contact and softness. All the Baby line products are made with new fleecy Merino wool, a specific process that makes the wool softer and resilient, that helps to support the body of the baby wrapping him like an embrace. The lack of synthetic fibers give you the assurance of a 100% natural product, that respects the skin of the baby and don’t give rise to itchiness.

Find out alle the Baby line products and let your baby rests in warm hug.

Baby Soft Mattress Pad baby bad size

Baby Soft Mattress Pad baby bad size

A mattress pad designs with new Merino wool Lambswool: a hypoallergenic product totally natural for the baby well-being 60cm x 120cm / 23,62in x 47,24in.

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Soft Baby Sack pure new merino wool

Soft Baby Sack pure new merino wool

An essential product for every mother to keep the newborn warm and safe, wrapped in a soft new Merino wool fleece, soft lisk your skin. 45cm x 65cm / 17,61in x 25,59in.

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