A fully Merino wool pillow

The Comfort pillow is made from a cover of pre-shrunk cotton gauze and new Merino wool fibers padding with no synthetic fibers addition

Entirely produced in our factories in Italy with selcted raw materials, the Comfort pillow garantee you a high quality product, with care for the details and durable, for a quiet and calm rest night after night.

A naturally hypoallergenic pillow

Just because it is padded exclusively with new Merino wool fibers, the Comfort pillow prevents mites growth and it’s suitable for people with allergies. In fact, inside the fibers there is always a dry environment to prevents dust and mites growth, while the wool fibers naturally protect themselves from fungal spores and they are resistent to mold and bacteria, for a hypoallergenic pillow suitable for children too.

A pillow with all the benefit of the Merino wool

Besides being hypoallergenic, the Comfort Merino wool pillow is also fireproof, breathing, waterproof, hygroscopic and thermoregolator. That means it’s able to absorb the humidity emited by the body during the night keeping the pillow always fresh and dry also during the hot summer nights, and keeping the head temperature stable during the rest, improving the sleep quality and avoiding boring night awakings because of too much warm or cold.

Find our how to have quiet sleep with a Merino wool pillow and get some good advice from our experts to find the best model for your needs.

Comfort Merino wool pillow
Size 50cm x 80cm / 19,68in x 31,49in
Material - Inside: New Merino wool fibers
- Outside: pre-shrunk cotton gauze with a zipper on the short side
- Weight wool layer gr.1100 / 38,80oz - Height about cm.14 / 5,51in
Washing tips We recommend to remove the padding before washing
Maintenance tips If the washing is not strictly needed, we suggest to expose the product to the air every now and then, after a strong beating
Warranty certificate Every Merino wool pillow has all the labels and the warrenty certificate that attests the quality of the purchased product
package Each pack contains 1 Comfort Merino wool pillow

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Comfort Merino wool pillow

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