An exclusive product for the baby well-being

In the first months of life, newborns need to feel embraced and always in touch with soft and warm surfaces. The Merino wool baby sack has been specifically designed for this need and thanks the the new Merino wool the baby feels comfortable in a warm and padded environment. , where he can sleep peacefully.

A safe and handy sack for newborns

Our sack for newborns is made by new Merino stretched wool, a type of Merino wool that suits the baby body and embrace him even more tenderly. The comfortable zipper on the long side, allows to get the baby in position easily, while the warmth of the wool coddles the skin of the baby and makes him feel safe, like being embraced by his mother.

A naturally breathing and hypoallergenic product

The sack for newborns, is made exclusively of new Merino wool with no synthetic fibers or coloring added. That allows the final product to acquire all the Merino wool properties., as the fireproof and the breathing ones, but also the property to absorb the humidty in order to always stay dry and the property to regulate the temperature of the body and keep it stable during the rest

A Baby sack made in Italy

The sack for newborns in new Merino wool has been designed and made in our factories in Italy, where we follow strict production protocols, using exclusively natural products during the whole production process, in order to garantee you a high quality final product in full respect of the health of your baby.

Let your baby sleep in a warm, embracing and comfortable hug like him mom one. Choose a sack for newborns in new Merino wool for him.Contact

Soft Baby Sack pure new merino wool
Size 45cm x 65cm / 17,61in x 25,59in
Material 100% New soft Merino wool Lambswool
Finishes - Soft velvet borders
- Zipper on the long side
Washing tips For all the wool items, Woolmark suggets a dry cleaning as on the label of every product. Nevertheless, with a new generation washing machine, with a wool dedicated program, temperature lower than 30°C/86°F, neutral cleaning, you can wash it in the water. NO CENTRIFUGE
Maintenance tips If the washing is not strictly needed, we suggest to expose the product to the air every now and then
Warranty certificate Every mattress pad has all the labels and the warrenty certificate that attests the quality of the purchased product

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Soft Baby Sack pure new merino wool

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  • 65,00€

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